Love Hina

I'm joining! ^_^

Heh, heh. ^^ This is the first time I joined a community. Well, hmmm....I'd definately want Tai from Digimon and I think I also want Matt from Digimon too! ^_^.

You better update the claim list so nobody else tries to get them! ^_^

~*~LiL Moon

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What is this? "Scary Dutch Priests", eh? *raises eyebrow* Stuff like that gives us Dutch people (myself included!) a bad name, you know! Ahh.. Just kidding. ^_~ I'm sure there's some sort of truth in that.. *ahem* statement. :P Did you know that this is the third "claim" community I've come across? If I run into any more.. I might end up with a too full bedroom. o.O But okay... for now, I guess it can't hurt! I guess I'd claim Krad (DN Angel) and.. Shinichirou (Sukisho)! *smile*
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My claims

I want to claim Shigeru and Satoshi from Pocket Monsters. If I'm married to both of them, then they can do fun stuff together. And with me too of course. ^_~
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:DDDD I join! yayers

OOooooo, I claim Sonic and Shadow the hedgehogs from the Sonic Adventure games and the Anime! x3 I was going to claim Kaiba Seto from Yu-gi-oh but I didn't had that feeling to do it...o.o gasp
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(no subject)

*grins* Im very glad that you decided to expand to book characters. Cause Im claiming Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, from the HP books, no da.

Its off to the couch for my lovelies...
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